Omie Hsu.


unbearably relational, but with gratitude about it .

as such, this page to be populated by the labors of others who make the world more capacious
through good work, of which any of mine is only an extension .

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also: friends . collaborators . conspirators


Check out "The Best Native American Literature, recommended by Megan Tusler" in this interview with Eve Gerber.

Come for book suggestions in Native American literature; leave with a lesson in how what we call '[A] Literature' is a matter of critical intent, political strategy, and the farthest thing from neutral description.

Come for a generous invitation to read literature by diversely-identified Native authors alongside Megan Tusler, University of Chicago lecturer and cohost of the Better Read Than Dead podcast (which you can find
here )


Do look forward to Jean-Thomas Tremblay's forthcoming contribution to our literacy in embodiment.

In his eloquence and not mine:
"My first monograph, Breathing Aesthetics, examines respiration’s prominence in responses to contemporary crisis within literary, screen, performance, and visual cultures. Breathing has long been an object of philosophical and artistic interest, from Ancient Greek musings on pneuma and psyche to Ayurvedic disciplines. Yet the intensified contamination, weaponization, and monetization of the air since the 1970s have turned difficult breathing into an index of the uneven distribution of risk. In 2020, these historical processes led to the asphyxiating convergence of COVID-19, a respiratory illness whose spread in Black communities is tied to environmental and structural racism, and “I can’t breathe,” a cry for help turned rallying cry against anti-Black violence. I argue that breathing has emerged as a medium that configures embodiment and experience as effects of biopolitical and necropolitical forces—forces that optimize certain lives and trivialize or attack others. As it rethinks embodiment and experience in the flows and frictions between environmental, disability, and sexuality studies, Breathing Aesthetics shows how the aestheticization of breathing generates medium-specific and historically, culturally, and environmentally situated tactics for living under precarity."

Currently in production with
Duke University Press. Slated for November 2022.
comrade in feminist political theory and friend, Ashleigh Campi's newest article out:
"Cultivating Authoritarian Submission: Race and Gender in Conservative Media" in Theory & Event (April 2021).
Come for the knowledge about conservative media, stay for the reckoning on political desire:
American Area Seminar ft. Jean-Thomas Tremblay
titled, "Symptomaticity and Opacity in the Literature of Smog Sensing"
Friday, 23 April, 2021 5pm - 6:30pm
Location: Zoom

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Run and Punch setlist

Run and Punch

though no longer, I once played trombone for a Chicago-based ska/punk band .

my tenure was brief, but the music remains dope .

website spotify instagram bandcamp


Tristan Hsu

... is my brother.
... is a mixed-media artist, photographer, and filmmaker.
... and also does sound engineering, design, and music.


fei lu and pongo

Fei Lu

multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto

educator and art nerd

founder of Winged Canvas

The artist whose painting I used as poster art for my class, "Asian-American Studies (not quite introductory)," as referenced under "teaching"

website virtual art school

jean-thomas tremblay

Jean-Thomas Tremblay

Assistant Professor of English at New Mexico State University

all-around stand-up human, encounters with whom make the world more vibrant and complicated because their work heightens our sensitivies to points of contact

forthcoming monograph: Breathing Aesthetics (Duke University Press)


Jenn Jackson

Jenn M. Jackson

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Syracuse University

Abolitionist. Organizer. Writer. Badass.

fellow traveler on panels that realize they only invited straight white cis men and needed to hedge their bets with two invites,
but we both say yes